Dumplings with Chocolate sauce

  •  1 package MORFAT Dumpling Mix with Yeast
  • 600g (3 cups) lukewarm water
  • Oil for frying


For the chocolate sauce

  • 1 Morfat Creamy
  • 250g chocolate into small pieces



1.Pour the contents of the sachets you will find on the packaging MORFAT DUMPLINGS ( 2 sachets mix dumpling and 2 sachets of yeast ) in a bowl. Add the warm water and stir well until the batter is smooth and homogeneous. Leave the bowl in a warm place, covered with a damp towel until it doubles its volume.

2. If a deep saucepan, heat some oil very well. Pour small teaspoons of the mixture and let dumplings become golden brown on both sides. Place the dumplings on paper towels and let them drain the oil.

3. Place the dumplings on a platter.

4. Pour the content of Morfat Creamy and chocolate chips, in a fondue pot or a pan. Leave it on low heat until chocolate is melted and the sauce becomes smooth.

5. Stick dumplings in toothpicks and dip in chocolate sauce which you constantly keep it warm over very low heat.


Chef’s secret:

The water you will add should be lukewarm, as hot water will not increase the volume of the mixture.


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