About the Barcodes of our products

MORFAT: Clarification on the barcode of our Greek products

According to a statement of the competent issuing authority barcodes, the association GS1 Association Greece, the prefix of the barcodes does not specify the country of production and origin of the product but the country from which the code was issued. The corresponding statement is available on http://www.gs1greece.org/ link. The information contained in the barcode serves purely commercial purposes, primarily for the distribution and sale of products.

In Morfat products we have used barcode several decades now, since even, when there was no Greek codes Release union and therefore should be used barcodes from the respective other country organization, in our case of Great Britain. For this reason therefore the barcodes of products Morfat have the English prefix 501. Corresponding examples there are of course for other Greek products, with a history of several decades, which necessarily used other barcodes country of origin and not in Greece due to lack of a recognized organization.

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