What do you know about GDA

Νow what to eat at a glance

1. GDAs symbolize indicative Daily Intake. And it is a guide to the amount of energy and nutrients contained in a food portion.

2. GDAs are in addition to label Nutritional information table per 100 g / ml

3. GDAs were developed in 1988.

4. Use the following groups of nutrients: calories, sugars, fat, saturates, Sodium.

5. According to GDAs system icon which is usually located at the front of the pack respect Calories / Energy.

6. The proposed reference price of 2000Kcal to recruit energy meets: A woman with moderate physical activity.

7. The European Authority for Food Safety (EFSA) has evaluated and validated scientific reference values ​​for GDAs.

8. The above icon provides the calories per serving and the percentage coverage of the guideline daily calories.

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